“I wish I could clone your organization for use in other cities and facilities. Thanks for your professionalism, assistance and fantastic facilities to make for a very successful event!”

Renee Tarrant
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
The Conference Center at Waltham Woods

“We have found that our partnership with Sodexo’s Campus Conference Solutions has enhanced our own conference sales program in terms of broader reach for marketing for conferences and more sales leads. Norma Charette does a great job and has extensive knowledge of the industry and industry associations. She even serves as a resource to bounce new conferencing ideas and issues off of with great feedback. Our Sodexo dining services is pleased as well because it brings more food business with it so it’s a win-win.”

John Langlois
Director of Auxiliary Services
Assumption College

“Sodexo has been a valued business partner at Pepperdine University for more than 30 years. In 2003, the University entrusted Sodexo Conference Services to start up the operation of a brand new conference center at our new Drescher Graduate Campus. Since its inaugural, The Villa Graziadio Executive Center has established itself as a well-known and prestigious regional conference facility for more than a decade, with external clients returning and reserving space years in advance.

The Sodexo team is dedicated, knowledgeable and well liked. Client surveys cite the excellent customer care, exquisite food and the splendid view as top reasons for returning to the Villa Graziadio.”

Alex Pang, Associate Vice President
Campus Operations & Business Services
Pepperdine University, Malibu Location

"Franklin Pierce University has enjoyed a two decade partnership with Sodexo,  a partnership that has been advantages and beneficial to the University. During this time, the quality of the food service and catering has shown constant improvement, while remaining within a cost framework that is sensitive to the University and our customer’s needs. Sodexo has always been willing to provide expert and material support to help us collectively improve service to students and visitors to the campus. During the summer months, Franklin Pierce University opens its residence hall doors to groups participating in seminars, youth camps, sports programs and business organizations sponsored by the University. Conference Services provides custom packages of housing, recreational and dining to groups of 10 to 500 and also offers individual housing options. Last year, the University made a decision to outsource our Conference Services operation.  We believed that conferencing can contribute more effectively to meet our financial goals but also recognized that it is not a core function of the University, an area lacking in sufficient expertise. As such, we turned to our partners at Sodexo to assume this responsibility. Immediately, we saw the virtue of this decision: They hired on site staff capable of delivering the service for meeting our goals; developed efficiencies that we had long overlooked; and expanded marketing efforts to drive business to the University.  Furthermore, they have transitioned in a manner that is collegial and sensitive to our complex culture.

It takes huge effort to organize and operate auxiliary programs at the University, such as those we have available to us. There is a need to continue to expand and develop these opportunities, but how wonderful that we have professionals of this caliber and wisdom in Sodexo to guide us.

These are exciting times at the University, and we can move forward with greater confidence with our trusted partner, Sodexo. With great anticipation and optimism, I look forward to seeing what Sodexo can bring to our future.”

Jim Earle, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Franklin Pierce University

“In today’s highly competitive and technologically based world of conference services, having the support of Campus Conference Solutions is a true game changer, spurring innovation through industry-leading best practices. With its expansive client lead referral system combined with an extensive suite of strategic planning tools provides the foundation for building a top-quality conference operation.  Campus Conference Solutions is built on a solid framework of core values which promotes industry integrity and offers a progressive approach for doing business in the 21st century – the true embodiment of delivering expert customer service while adding value to the guest experience.”

Christopher C. Augeri
Director of Conference and Event Services
Stonehill College