How It works:

Our professional onsite teams will work along with you to secure a meetings destination for your upcoming event, conference or a youth camp program.  We have access to hundreds of venues spanning coast to coast, as well as locations nestled in historic districts as well as access to destinations in and around major metropolitan areas such as Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles  and San Francisco.  Our teams have years of experience in finding you and your groups the “best suited” venue that will add value to the educational needs of your program.  

What to Expect:

Consider our onsite conference teams your guide in finding that “perfect home” for your next event.   We will work to assure each and every attendee in your group experiences our personal attention to detail as well as experience a “home away-from-home” feel while you are our guest. We will work to assure you have everything you need to assure your stay with us is pleasant, comfortable and memorable.  

Throughout the year, our teams are actively participating in industry related events, meetings, marketplace tradeshows and other networking opportunities to connect one on one with meeting professionals on behalf of our on-site conference teams. These connections will directly benefit your groups as our focus is to promote our campuses and secure a site that best fits your groups needs.  

Another key element that our teams play a role in is to allow your conferees to fully experience our world class concierge services.  This enhanced level of guest service has been designed specifically to allow all guests to thoroughly enjoy a complete customer journey while in our care.  

What to Do:

What are you waiting for? Contact our Campus Conferencing team today by calling (207) 391-9187 to get started so we can find you a new meeting location for your next event.  Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of meeting professional to find a meeting location that is unique, access to sports and  cultural opportunities for your groups to enjoy. 

Call us today to experience what your peer groups and meeting professionals have already experienced.

Come for “Meetings They’ll Always Remember in Settings They’ll Never Forget”

  • Icon-MeetingRoomManagement.pngMeeting Room Management                
    Our onsite teams will have access to hi-touch technology platforms that will help to manage the varying needs of your conference guests starting from securing best fit meeting rooms to securing off site excursion and reservations to onsite guest registration services. Our trained onsite experts will work to insure that any meeting space needs you have are organized and ready before the start of your program or conference.  Our on-site teams are ready to perform and detail just about any of your conference guest’s needs that may arise.

  • Icon-GuestRoomOperations.pngGuest Room Operations
    Our teams will use robust software scheduling platforms to manage the entire overnight lodging reservations needed to accommodate your conferences and camps.  Our technology systems will also allow your conferees to book their own rooms if needed, as well as access to other guest specific amenities including linen services.

  • Icon-ConciergeServices.pngConcierge Services            
    Our onsite teams have partnered with Circles, our concierge services provider to allow each of your conferees to have full concierge services 24/7 before, during and after each their event.   They will serve as your personal assistant to help with just about everything from travel arrangements, ground transportation, entertainment, local activities/ excursions, on campus support, and much more. All your conferees will be able to access these services via the phone, email, text or over the web. 

  • Icon-AudioVisualSupport.pngAudio Visual Support           
    Our onsite AV tech support will be there to support event details and setup, pre, during and after your meetings.  Our onsite teams will insure all is set and ready to perform. 

  • Icon-WorldClassCatering.pngWorld Class Catering            
    Our culinary teams have crafted menus that have been specifically designed for you and your conferees.   Items include seasonally inspired collections that will feature seasonal promotions, regional favorites and offer flexibility to suit your group’s needs.  We offer special packages for Weddings, Youth Sports Camps, Special Diets (gluten/allergen free), Religious Groups (Kosher, Halal), Corporate Meeting Packages, Themed events (BBQ’s, Raw Bars), International action stations (Asian, Mediterranean), full consumption bar options and much more. 

  • Icon-FacilitiesAssetManagement.pngFacilities Management/Asset Management
    Whether your conferences have a need for basic housekeeping, cleaning or repair of their heating/ cooling needs in your specific meeting and/or guest rooms, our dedicated teams have the experience and the expertise to assure everything is managed to your expectation and satisfaction.